For all racers, a parking is made available in Vissoie, near the school. It is forbidden to access by car or park in the starting zones, whether at the STEP or in Fang.

For the spectators going to Chandolin, a parking is available at the entrance of the village, at the bottom the chairlift “Tsapé”.


A shuttle service will be organized from Vissoie to Fang.

!! WARNING !! This year 2018, the road of the STEP is not practicable due to violent storms.

That's why: All competitors travel by bus to FANG! Then, join the start of Fang, or lower, of the STEP, on foot.

SHUTTLES (Vissoie-Fang):

7H45 - 8H10 - 8H30 (last departure for the DOUBLE KM !!)

9H40 - 10H00

RETURN SHUTTLES (Chandolin-Vissoie):

11H20 - 12H22 - 15H35 - 17H35

An extra shuttle will be available from the end of the awards ceremony.


Each runner can drop a bag off with his personal belongings at the various starting points.

The bags are returned in Chandolin, at the arrival point, on presentation of your bib.

It is recommended not to place valuables inside. The content is not checked, so no complaint can be filed.


More precise information will be communicated during the bib collection.

In principle, all children descend together, on foot from Chandolin, accompanied by a person responsible for the KID'S VERTICAL.


All runners can benefit from a private shower, close to the arrival in Chandolin.


Massage services given by professionals are made available in the arrival zone in Chandolin.


On the day of the race, the Tsapé chairlift is free for everyone!


  • The crossing of the old village of Chandolin
  • The arrival at the center of the resort of Chandolin
  • The refuelling of the Cabane Illhorn : access on foot, going up from Chandolin or going down from the arrival of the Tsapé chairlift
  • The arrival at the top of the Illhorn: access on foot from the arrival of the Tsapé chairlift (about 30 min walking)